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Welcome to Muddy Tiger

In 2018, Chef Jyotiee (who grew up in Pune, in the midwestern state of Maharashtra in India) opened Muddy Tiger with her husband and business partner, Andy (a true Minnesotan). It was a dream with a vision of what Muddy Tiger could be: introduce Minnesota to "Marathi Cuisine" through their favorite street food and home style meals. Marathi cuisine comes from the state of Maharashtra, in the western region of India.

Cooking has always been a passion for Chef Jyotiee, so in 2018, Jyotiee and Andy began to do pop-ups at Farmers Markets & restaurants in their spare time, where they shared a different side of Indian cuisine with people. They launched their food truck in 2021, which gained a large following - so much so that they graduated to a brick-and-mortar location in 2023 to serve the community more delicious food.


Our chef, Jyotiee is our creative light and the glue that holds the kitchen together. Her genius and love of cooking is the essence of everything we serve at Muddy Tiger. A software professional turned into a chef, loves to share little piece of her culture with everyone. She likes to bring 'Special' dishes occasionally to provide an unique experience of Indian festivities.

Having worked in hospitality industry, Andy is a backbone of Muddy Tiger, but none of the cooking skill. Thankfully, we keep him out of the kitchen, but you'll see him being a sous chef, dishwasher, manager, running the food truck and most importantly at the front desk taking care of all our customers. Without him, we're not sure this place would still be standing.